Security Systems In Costa Rica

With over 100 years of real-life security knowledge,

Paraclete Security Solutions has many different options

when it comes to securing your home and business.

Paraclete Security Solutions is the security solution of chose for homes and businesses and we are proud to introduce our technology to Costa Rica. Our security platform provides worldwide solutions with reliable products and state-of-the-art technology. By blending automation, security, and extensive United States security knowledge you will receive personalized security solutions for all of your needs!

Connect your security, lights, locks, thermostats, video, and more… for seamless automation and control. With professionally installed and configured systems, award-winning and reliable technology, and 24/7 monitoring and response, your home and business security has never been in better hands.

Paraclete Security Solutions seamlessly connects the key devices in your home or business on one platform — so they work together and work smarter. Our system is easily customizable to your business and home’s unique configuration and specific needs.

  • Pinpoint activity such as unexpected entry after hours or if doors are propped open that lead to energy waste and safety concerns
  • Keep a historic timestamp of which users disarmed the system.
  • Identify peak periods of activity and customer traffic.
  • Get video alerts when activity is detected and watch live or recorded video from your smartphone.
  • Connect your thermostats and lighting to your security system.

Bringing American Security Knowledge to Costa Rica!